Past Events

  • CKF attended Transplant Event
  • Hong Kong Disneyland Christmas Celebration Singing Carol Song
  • Donation received from the profit of the premiere of the musical Monkey King presented by the Joseph and Loretta Law Society for the Advancement of Chinese Performing Arts Co. Ltd. Children kidney patients were also invited to attend the show.
  • Viewing of the Brilliant Feminine Passion 2011 Concert with tickets donated to the children and families
  • Easter celebration party by Success Charity Foundation Limited at the paediatrics ward of the Princess Margaret Hospital for the inpatient children
  • Visit to the "Dialogue in the Dark" invited by ELCHK Tin Shiu Wai Integrated Youth Service Centre
  • Educational programme "Understand Renal Illness" sponsored by the Baxter Health Care Ltd.
  • BBQ Party at Kam Tin Country Club
  • Donation collected through the Signature Dish Fund-Raising Event of the Sheraton Hong Kong
  • Various outings which included a day trip to the New Territories, visit to a fishing village, and another visit to the Hong Kong Wetland Park
  • The Kidney Kids' Musical Event to celebrate the New Year, which is a singing and dancing gala with performance by the kidney children patients and many medical professionals
  • Fund-raising through the Success Charity Concert organized by the Success Charity Foundation Limited
  • Sponsorship of two transplanted children to participate in the World Sport Games for Transplanted Patients in Gold Coast in Australia
  • Fund-raising through the Baby Crawling Contest organized by the Eugene Group
  • Hong Kong Disneyland Visit at Christmas
  • Sponsorship to the Hong Kong Paediatric Nephrology Society for research related to blood pressure measurement
  • Sponsorship of medical professionals to attend the International Paediatric Nephrology Association Meeting in Budapest, Hungary
  • Fun Day at the Ocean Park
  • The 10th Anniversary Slogan and Drawing Competition
  • The 10th Anniversary Celebration cum Slogan and Drawing Competition Award Presentation Ceremony at the Hall of Princess Margaret Hospital on 1 December


  • Attending the Asia Viva Concert where the Fund Ambassador, Ms. Maria Cordero was a key performer
  • Cathay City Tour co-organized with the Cathay Pacific Airway
  • Sponsorship to the Paediatrics Department of Kwong Wah Hospital for a research on Epidemiology and Etiology of Persistent and White Coat Hypertension among secondary school children
  • Christmas Party with vegetarian food


  • Day trip to the Peak and Stanley at Easter Holiday
  • Mini concert for kidney children patients with Ms. Mario Cordero, the Fund Ambassador, as one of the honourable judges
  • Subsidy to the Hong Kong Childhood Blood Pressure Study Group for a study on "Validating of Oscillometric Blood Pressure Devices in Children"
  • New Year Eve Talent Show at the Hall of Princess Margaret Hospital


  • Macau trip for children kidney patients and their family members
  • Sponsorship of six medical practitioners to attend the International Paediatric Nephrology Conference in Australia


  • Chinese New Year outing to the New Territories
  • Trip to the Po Lin Monastery
  • New Year Eve High Tea Buffet


  • Staff seminar on Kidney Health Care for the American Express
  • Easter Party for children kidney patients and their families at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel


  • Charitable film premiere organized by the Pacific Century Insurance Holdings, with Kee Wah Bakery as one of the supporters
  • Sale of charity raffles tickets sold at different MTR stations
  • Charity bazaar at the Dragon Centre with participation of pop singers
  • Charity sales of second-hand clothing by Star East Holdings Ltd. for the Fund
  • Charity concert and carnival orchestrated with the Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Charity booths and fund-raising Wishing Well set up at the Hong Kong Winter Carnival


  • Chinese New Year Party


  • Easter Party with Ginger Bread Workshop


  • 2-day camp for the children kidney patients and their families at the Breakthrough Youth Village
  • Sponsorship for two nurses to attend the Congress of International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis in Korea
  • Organizing the "Organ Donation Awareness Campaign" together with the Hospital Authority
  • Christmas Buffet Party and bakery visit at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel


  • Family Sharing Day for parents of the children kidney patients, as well as fun day for the children.
  • Christmas Party for the children kidney patients and their families


  • Ocean Park Visit for the children kidney patients and their families