Rituximab Treatment Subsidy

Children patients who suffer from difficult glomerulonephritis which covers refractory / steroid dependent nephrotic syndrome and lupus nephritis may remain uncontrolled despite multiple drug treatment including prednisolone, cyclosporine, FK506, MMF, cyclophosphamide. Significant steroid dose is needed to maintain the disease in remission with the concomitant use of the above drugs. The application of rituximab treatment may be the only help in these cases.

Since Rituximab is not yet listed in the Drug Formulary for Kidney Patients Use, patients from deprived families may have difficulties in acquiring this expensive drug. We are thus providing needy children patients with subsidy at up to 85% level on purchase of the drug. It is hoped that Rituximab will eventually be included in the Drug Formulary in the soonest future.

For details, please refer to the https://www.childrenkidneyfund.org.hk/en/services.