Induction Drug Treatment Subsidy for Kidney Transplantation

It is confirmed by medical literature and overseas experiences that, the application of induction drug treatment during kidney transplantation may benefit the result of the operation, reduce the dosage of post-transplantation hormone supplement required by patients, and support longer survival of the transplanted graft kidneys. However, such treatment is not yet adopted by the Hospital Authority in local kidney transplantations.

To promote the best treatment results, and to facilitate the collection of clinical experiences and data for the Hospital Authority to consider having induction drug treatment included as part of the standard procedure for future children kidney transplantations, we offer full subsidy for the cost of induction drug treatment during the operation. The transplantations must be carried out in local hospitals of the Hospital Authority by Hong Kong registered medical doctors. Retrospective approval is possible in view of the urgent and unpredictable timing of cadaveric kidney transplantation, and it has to be made within 14 days after the transplantation.

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