• Establishment of the Children's Kidney Trust Fund ("CKTF")
  • Launching of the Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Subsidy Programme
  • Launching of the Travelling Allowance Subsidy Programme
  • The first Ocean Park Visit for the children kidney patients and their families


  • Family Sharing Day for parents of the children kidney patients, as well as fun day for the children.
  • The first Christmas Party for the children patients and their families


  • 2-day camp for the children kidney patients and their families at the Breakthrough Youth Village
  • Support for two nurses to attend the Congress of International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis in Korea, the first sponsorship of the Fund for medical personnel to attend overseas educational activities.
  • Organizing the "Organ Donation Awareness Campaign" together with the Hospital Authority
  • Broadening the eligibility for the services of the Fund to cover all kidney children patients up to age 21 (originally only up to 18-year-old)


  • Production of CD on the Theme Song of the Fund for fund-raising purpose


  • Forming of the Basketball Team by young kidney patient members
  • First construction of CKTF Website


  • The first patient activity outside Hong Kong - Macau trip for children kidney patients and their family members


  • Launching of the drug subsidy programme for post-kidney transplantation children
  • Appointment of Ms. Mario Cordero as the Fund Ambassador


  • The 10th Anniversary Celebration cum Slogan and Drawing Competition Award Presentation Ceremony at the Hall of Princess Margaret Hospital on 1 December
  • Production of a promotional video for the Fund


  • Expansion of the post-kidney drug transplantation subsidy programme to include more drugs under the subsidy and widening the beneficiary group of patients


  • The first sponsorship of patients to go overseas to participate in the World Sport Games for Transplanted Patients in Australia
  • Reconstruction of CKTF Website


  • Introduction of the Induction Drug Treatment Subsidy for Kidney Transplantation for 10 cases starting August 2010, subsidizing full cost of the induction drug treatment required during the transplantation, to promote the best operation results


  • Launching of the Rituximab Treatment Subsidy to help children patients suffering from difficult glomerulonephritis which remains uncontrolled despite multiple drug treatment


  • From 1st January 2012 onwards, the Children's Kidney Fund Limited ("CKFL") assumes all responsibilities and sponsorships of the CKTF and continues to be recognized as a government approved charitable organization, managed by the same group of people previously acting as trustees and committee members of the CKTF


  • Since October, it had been renamed as Children's Kidney Fund ("CKF")
  • We launched the project to seek funding from the Government of the Hong Kong SAR under the 8th round of the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged by the Social Welfare Department and we are pleased to announce that our application for the funding has been made successful in Nov 2013.


  • A choir for patients was set up on 1 March
  • Children's Kidney Fund 20th Anniversary Charity Concert cum World Kidney Day in Hong Kong 2016 was organised on 12 March


  • On 23 September The choir was officially named as KIDS' Dream Choir and conducted by Dr Alison Ma. A new T-shirt was designed for all kids as their performance apparel.
  • CKF new song "New Life for You" written by Dr Mark Cheng and Lyrics by Dr Alison Ma was first publicly performed by the Choir.