Fund Ambassador:


Chairperson and Councilor:

Mr. LAM, Royan

Council of Management:

Dr. CHAN Winnie

Ms. HO Wai Man, Tabitha

Dr. MA Lap Tak, Alison

Dr Lai Wai Ming

Dr. TSE Kei Chiu, Niko

Dr. SOO Euan Tsung Liang

Ms LEE Lok Yee Vivian

Committee Members:

Ms. CHAN Kwan Ying, Winnie

Ms. CHAN See Ling, Angela

Ms. CHAN Siu Chong

Ms CHAN Yoyo

Mrs. LAU CHOW Wai Har, Vilma

Ms. MA Tsui Mei Ella

Ms. TSANG Chi Kam

Mrs. TAM Li Mun Yi, Nancy

Mr. TAN Kean Siew

Dr. Yau Fai To

Hon. Auditor:

Mr. CHAN K.Y., Vincent, CPA

Hon. Legal Advisor:

Mr. KAO, Emmanuel, LLB

Hon. Administrative Officer:

Hon. Executive Officer:

Ms. FUNG Siu Chun, Maggie

Ms MA Tsui Mei Ella

Organization Chart

Funding Sources

Funding support for CKF comes from different sources which include civic minded enterprises and companies, charitable activities and individual sponsorships.