About Us


  • To improve the physical and psychological developments of children with kidney diseases, and encourage mutual support among the families of these children.
  • To provide psychological support and updated medical and health information to families with children kidney patients.
  • To endeavour to improve the medical services provided for children with kidney diseases and facilitate related research and medical training.
  • To enhance public understanding and concern of children kidney diseases through health education and promotion.

Service Target

Children kidney patients aged 21 or below and their family members.


The Children's Kidney Fund ("CKF") is a registered non-profit making charitable organization [IR File No. 91/7162] in Hong Kong. It was previously founded under the entity of Children's Kidney Trust Fund in 1996 by an enthusiastic group of doctors, nurses, lawyers, social workers, alongside with parents of kidney patients and concerned individuals, under the patronage of Dr. Rosanna Wong Yick Ming, JP.

Original objectives of the Children's Kidney Trust Fund were to support the families of children with kidney diseases, and to help them ease their financial burden. Active liaison was made with the children's families from various local hospitals. Parents were encouraged to support each other, joining effort to form a better living environment for their children. Donations were collected from the general public, and from the overseas and local enterprises, rolling out our first subsidy scheme for the needy families in purchase of tubing and accessories required for the automated peritoneal dialysis programme then newly introduced. Children could thus enjoy normal lives as their daytime activities were less disrupted. We also offered transportation allowance for children travelling to and from hospitals taking haemodialysis. These two subsidy programmes are still the core of the current CKFL business today. Apart from the subsidy programmes, both educational and family activities were organized for parents and the children, and latest information of kidney therapies was provided.

The Children's Kidney Trust Fund continued to expand over time, with the participation of more professionals from different disciplines as volunteers in our committee and working groups. We also promoted the improvement of related medical services by sponsoring relevant research and training activities of medical personnel. Since 2005, we started to subsidize on the cost of anti-rejection drugs for children who had undergone kidney transplantation. The Induction Drug Treatment Subsidy for Kidney Transplantation was in place since 2010, and the Rituximab Treatment Subsidy was launched since 2011, to provide comprehensive support to children kidney patients suffering from different degrees of the sickness.

From January 2012 onwards, the Children's Kidney Trust Fund had changed to operate under the corporate entity of Children's Kidney Fund Limited ("CKFL"), to enhance our public accountability and business transparency. The CKFL carries on all the responsibilities of the Children's Kidney Trust Fund, which include the sponsorships and support to the kidney children patients and their families. Effective from 17 Oct 2013, the Children's Kidney Fund Limited shall be known as the Children's Kidney Fund with the approval of the Company Registry and Inland Revenue of Hong Kong to cease using the word 'Limited'.

Looking forward, the CKF will continue commit to improve the physical and mental health of the children with kidney diseases, to help them overcome difficulties and to live confidently. We shall also attend closely to related medical and social developments, consider rendering appropriate new services to meet the reflected needs of our target beneficiaries.