The IPNA Prof. Chiu Fellowship Fund for Paediatric Nephrology

To heighten the level of professional standard in the related field, Children's Kidney Fund has worked with the International Paediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA*) to set up a scholarship fund under the philanthropy arm of IPNA in memory of one of the Children's Kidney Fund's founders, Prof MC Chiu. The purpose of this fund is for the training of medical fellows to advance their paediatric nephrology expertise through the exchange of professional skills around the world which helps achieve CKF's goal of improving the medical knowledge among all related professionals. In addition, this scholarship fund also honours Prof Chiu for his contribution to treating paediatric kidney disease and supporting training in paediatric nephrology particularly in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Background of Professor CHIU Man-Chun

Prof MC Chiu (1949 - 2021) was one of the phenomenal leaders spearheading the development of Paediatric Nephrology in Hong Kong, China, and other parts of Asia. Having a career spanning over 40 years, Prof Chiu dedicated his life to the care of children with kidney diseases. In the early decades, kidney failure was a deadly disease in young children. Prof Chiu set up the first Pediatric Nephrology Centre at the Princess Margaret Hospital, introducing peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis, and transplant services for children. He co-founded the Children's Kidney Fund (CKF) in 1996 to solicit support to cover expenses for dialysis and medications for children. He was a caring doctor who served with a humble heart. He was loved and respected by his colleagues and patients. Prof Chiu extended his mission to mainland China, where he contributed immensely to the scientific and clinical development of Pediatric Nephrology. With his advice and support, Pediatric Nephrology blossomed in China, and many new paediatric nephrology units were established to save children's lives. To further strengthen the networking in Paediatric Nephrology, Prof Chiu contributed to the 1989 founding of the Hong Kong Paediatric Nephrology Society, and the Asian Paediatric Nephrology Association (AsPNA) in 1996. In 2010, he was appointed the Assistant Secretary (Asia) of the International Paediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA) Council.

Prof Chiu created a legacy and gained recognition internationally. He has contributed immensely to the teaching and training of pediatric nephrologists in many countries throughout Asia over the past three decades. He was awarded the AsPNA Achievement Award in 2013 and the honorary membership of IPNA in 2019. During his career, Prof Chiu produced over 80 peer-reviewed journal papers and book chapters which are influential to the field up to this day. In terms of cultivating the new generations, Prof Chiu contributed a key role in the development of renal medical training in Hong Kong and subsequently expanded his involvement in Mainland China in the last decade. He also took part in the committee for the planning of the Hong Kong Children's Hospital for the betterment of patients and building up a training platform for paediatricians to sharpen their medical skills. In 2020, the Hong Kong Children's Hospital became one of the approved training centres under IPNA's requirements and candidates under the captioned scholarship fund should have the opportunity to be trained at the Hong Kong Children's Hospital or other locations recognized by IPNA under the discretion of CKF and IPNA.

Application & Operation

Candidate selection will be the responsibility of IPNA. Details of the application and selection are listed in the IPNA's link:

All candidates are required to hand in a full training report to IPNA within three months after the completion of their training.

One candidate will be awarded the scholarship every calendar year.