Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Programme

The automated peritoneal dialysis was newly introduced in the 1990s. Kidney patients on the traditional dialysis treatment have to take peritoneal dialysis 3-4 times a day, which affects the children kidney patients seriously in their schooling and daily life. It also brings immense pressure to the parents. With the APD, patients only have to undergo dialysis once everyday while they are asleep, thus allowing children to go to school and participate in other activities freely during daytime, and the parents do not have to standby regularly to assist them with the treatment.

At present, 75% of the cost of the minicaps and tubings were supported for the APD treatment, with maximum subsidy up to HK$20,000 per case per calendar year. We also provides subsidy of 50% of the cost for initial setting up for the programme, which includes the purchase of blood pressure monitor, electronic weighing machine and Titanium adaptor/outlet port clamps. Maximum allowance is HK$1,000 per case. There is no means test on family income for this APD programme, but recommendation from the attending doctor is required.

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